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This year we have made some important breakthroughs in the effort to complete the Vandenberg project! Click these links to see documents from important agencies and persons who are helping to make it happen soon.
1. A letter from Gov. Jeb Bush to the secretary of DOT,  asking to reserve the Vandenberg for Key West, and for a $1.25 million grant to deploy  the ship.

2. A letter from Florida Fish and Wildlife to the agent at MARAD concerned with the  reefing option for ship disposal.

3. A letter from Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to Capt. Shubert at MARAD, supporting reserving the ship for Key West and funding the project with  the $1.25 million grant.

4. A letter from a South Florida Representatives to the appropriations committee asking for additional funds fro the Vandenberg project.

5. A letter from Rep Ken Sorensen expressing his support

6. A long document from the Florida National Marine Sanctuary expressing the probability of issuance of the final permit, when various procedures now in progress are complete

7. A spreadsheet showing the huge economic  benefit of the Vandenberg to the local economy

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