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  Diving The Vandenberg
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  See details of the ship's decks and interior

Ship's naval drawings
  See naval architects' drawings of deck plans

Charts of the site
  See nautical charts showing the chosen location for the artificial reef

Key West Dive Shops
  All Key West dive  operators have contributed to the project. Find links to their websites.

A new marine life habitat
 This ship will be the most spectacular artificial reef ever prepared especially for diving. Plenty of very divable structure at depths of 40 to 140 feet. Shallow structures include the 30 by 10 foot crows nest, perfect for beginning dive classes, the great 40 foot dish antennas, and the tops of the bridge and communications center.

The 25 foot tall rudder and prop will be a fantastic deep dive at 140 feet. The four open decks at approximately 70-100 will be penetrated horizontally with 8 by 10 foot openings on each side, and vertical elevator shafts, cargo holds and stair towers. the vast structure will teem with marine life, inside and out.


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