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History and News

USS Gen. Harry Taylor
Who was Gen. Harry Taylor?
Built by Kaiser Shipyard, Richmond California
Ports of call 1944-45
Service as a troop transport, WWII
"Magic Carpet" bringing the troops home
refugees from the Hungarian Revolution, 1957

USS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Who was Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg?
Conversion by Bethlehem Steel and Sperry Rand

Recommissioned as USAFS Gen Hoyt S. Vandenberg

Log of the Vandenberg - 1978-82

MARAD Fleet, James River, VA
Mothballed and transferred to MARAD

Universal Pictures Movie, "Virus"
Leased to Universal Studios for filming the movie Virus

see photos from the movie
see a clip from the movie

ARK in the news
ARK selects ship to create an artificial reef in Key West, Florida

Florida Keys Community College plans monitoring and  educational  program

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary approves site and ARK plan

City of Key West commission votes to hold necessary permits to create artificial reef
News items about ARK

The Ship that now carries the name, Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, has a long and unique history spanning two generations in service to her country.

The ex-USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg was first commissioned as the troop transport USNS Gen. Harry Taylor. The ship saw service in WWII, the Hungarian Revolution, and the Cold War. After decommissioning, it even starred in a popular motion picture. As an artificial reef, the ship will not only be a recreational resource for divers and fishermen, but will serve as an underwater classroom for the Florida Keys Community College, and be a platform for ground-breaking research in reef monitoring as mandated by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan.

The ship's distinguished history will continue in its final disposition as a recreational, educational and scientific resource.

The ARK Vandenberg project has attracted substantial attention from news media. Follow these links to our "scrapbook" of articles:



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