The Air Force Missile Test Center (AFMTC), commanded by Major General Leighton I. Davis, is a part of the Air Force Systems Command which was formed in 1961 to give special management attention to Aerospace Weapons systems.
AFMTC Administrative headquarters is located at Patrick AFB, 15 miles south of Cape Canaveral, station No.1 of the Center's vast Atlantic Missile Range (AMR). The range which spans the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean includes such Island stations as Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, San Salvador, Antigua, Puerto Rico and Ascension Island.
The AFMTC is charged with accomplishing missile research and development flight tests and the collection and evaluation of flight data.
The Atlantic Missile Range is also used by the Navy, Army, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other governmental agencies engaged in missile testing and space operations.
To accomplish its mission, the AFMTC has a 27,000 man, military and civilian, work force and a capital plant investment of over one billion dollars. The Air Force's major contractor, Pan American World Airways Inc., (PAA), with its prime sub-contractor, Radio Corporation of America (RCA), provide technicians, maintenance, instrumentation and data reduction support.
Aim of the tests at the AMR is to record missile performance under the most exacting laboratory conditions. The instrumentation used to gather this flight data is so designed that at any given time during flight the missile's performance can be determined and evaluated.

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