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Artificial Reefs of the Keys is a non-profit group in Key West, Florida, working to bring the de-commissioned ex-USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg to our waters to become an artificial reef

For information or to contribute to the project call (305)797-7077 or (305) 296-5762

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News Flash!!

Work begins at the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology Davidson Lab.

Davidson is beginning a study which will use a model of Vandenberg in a test tank to create a final  plan for towing, cutting and scuttling the ship to ensure ideal placement and orientation.

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At over 520 feet and 13,000 tons, this will be the largest ship ever intentionally sunk for this purpose. This ship will become a world-class diving destination, but it will also offer many other benefits to the environment and to education and research. Meticulously cleaned and prepared, the vessel will become a habitat and breeding site for countless marine species. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary strongly supports this purpose. Our local Florida Keys Community College has built curriculum and is conducting classes around the monitoring of reef development at the site. Distance learning projects are planned to bring live lessons from the Vandenberg into classrooms nationwide via the internet.

Our parrot head supporters

How About Those Parrot Heads!!
ARK has recently received $9000 in Donations from  17 parrot head clubs and an additional $7,500 from Parrot Heads in Paradise. This is in addition to substantial donations already received, and major sponsorship from Jimmy Buffett's Singing for Change Foundation. Click here for links to  clubs that have generously supported our project.

click to enlarge this image showing scale drawing of the ship and cutting plan for reefing preparation

Become a Shipwrecker!!

You can be a part of this exciting project. Donors can receive awards made from actual artifacts to be salvaged from the ship during the reefing preparation. 
Visit our Donor pages to learn more. Or call ARK at (305) 797-7077.

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