Parrot Heads in Paradise

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Parrot Heads in Paradise, the Singing For Change Foundation, and Parrot Head Clubs nationwide have contributed to help sink the Vandenberg. For their substantial contribution, ARK has awarded them their own room on the ship for their underwater "Clubhouse." The Balloon hangar on the stern, which once docked the big weather balloons, will be their permanent Margaritaville, for diving Parrot Heads to visit. Inside the room, we will weld  steel plaques bearing the club names and acknowledging their support.
ARK thanks these Parrot Head Clubs for helping us to SINK THE VANDENBERG
Virtual Parrot Head Club (cyberspace)

Low Country Parrotheads (SC)

Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club (TX)

Adventures in Parrotdise (Coco Beach, FL)

The Midwest Caribbean Association / Chicago Parrot Head Club

Southernmost Parrothead Club (Key West, FL)

Parrot Heads of Puget Sound (WA) 

Latitude 38 PHC of Northern California

Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club (FL)

Atlanta PHC (GA)

Parrotheads for the Palm Beaches (FL)

Upstate Parrot Head Club of South Carolina

Des-Des-Moines-A Parrothead Club (IA)

Parrot Heads of North Carolina

Buckeye PHC (OH)

Orange County PHC (CA)

Richmond Dive Club (PHC of Richmond)(VA)

Ocean State PHC (RI)

Pirates in Paradise (NJ, PA)

Parrot Heads of the Triad (NC)

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