Movie "Virus"
bullet In 1996 and 1997 Sea Star Productions filmed the movie Virus for Universal Studios, Directed by John Bruno and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, and the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg as the ship possessed by an alien life form.
Vandenberg in the movie, "Virus" Vandenberg in the Movie, "Virus"

photos used by permission from Universal Studios


This text from the MARAD archive database:

6/19/97. JRRF will hold vessel till Sea Star Productions completes edit of the film "Virus"; expected to be done 12/97.
Navy will reimburse MARAD for custody and continue to bill Sea Star Productions for their costs until Sea Star releases the vessel. At that time ownership of GENERAL HOYT S. VANDENBERG will be returned to MARAD. A joint inspection (USN, USCG, MARAD) was conducted prior to VANDENBERG's return from CSX pier. The joint agreement on deficiencies to be corrected by Sea Star should facilitate ownership transfer and eventual scrapping.
4/10/97 - following appearance work at Collonas Shipyard, VANDENBERG will be docking at CSX Pier 15, Newport News, VA for filming.
9/10/96 - title of VANDENBERG returned to DCNO Logistics so that Sea Star Productions, Inc could take ship for filming. MARAD Office of Counsel determined that MARAD had no authority to enter into an agreement permitting a private company to take a ship for filming, even though such an agreement would fulfill MARAD's mission to foster the maritime industry. The movie company is going to spend about $ 2 M in the VA Peninsula for marine services related to filming. VANDENBERG. VANDENBERG is expected back into JRRF o/a Nov 97.
6/96 - Universal Studios submitted script for film "VIRUS" seeking approval to use VANDENBERG for filming.

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