Pacific Ports of Call
USNS Gen. Harry Taylor Commissioned May 8 1944
bullet commissioned 8 May 1944, Portland Oregon, Captain J. L. Wyatt
bullet photos from the collection of Fred Knott
Following a shakedown off San Diego, General Harry Taylor sailed from San Francisco 23 June 1944 with reinforcements for Milne Bay, New Guinea. After returning to San Francisco 3 August with veterans of the Guadalcanal campaign embarked, she continued transport voyages between San Francisco and island bases in the Western Pacific Ocean. During the next 10 months she steamed to New Guinea, the Solomons, New Caledonia, the Marianas, the New Hebrides, the Palaus, and the Philippines, carrying troops and supplies for America's vast amphibious sweep across the ocean to Japan until 29 June 1945 when she departed San Francisco for duty in the Atlantic.
bullet This history is from Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships vol. III, 1968

Pacific Ports of Call of Gen. Harry Taylor, 1944-1945 

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Portland, Oregon

8 May 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

16 May 1944

San Diego, Calif.

27 May 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

13 Jun 1944

Milne Bay, New Guinea

12 Jul 1944

Renard Sound, Russell Islands

17 Jul 1944

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands (Kukum Dock)

18 Jul 1944

Guadalcanal ( berth 21, Tenaru)

18 Jul 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

3 Aug 1944

Pearl Harbor, T.H.

16 Aug 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

23 Aug 1944

San Diego, Calif.

9 Sep 1944

Pavuvu Island, Russell Islands

27 Sep 1944

Sun Light Channel, Russell Islands

30 Sep 1944

Point Cruz Dock, Guadalcanal

1 Oct 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

16 Oct 1944

Great Roads, Noumea, New Caledonia

22 Nov 1944

Guadalcanal (Kukum Dock)

26 Nov 1944

Finschhaven, Landemak Bay, New Guinea

1 Dec 1944

Oro Bay, New Guinea

2 Dec 1944

Aitape Roads, New Guinea

5 Dec 1944

Humbolt Bay, Hollandia, New Guinea

7 Dec 1944

Morotai, Island

12 Dec 1944

Humbolt Bay, New Guinea

15 Dec 1944

Landemak Bay, New Guinea

22 Dec 1944

San Francisco, Calif.

8 Jan 1945

Port Huoneme, Calif.

11 Feb 1945

San Diego, Calif.

14 Feb 1945

Pearl Harbor, T.H.

21 Feb 1945

Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands

7 Mar 1945

Port Apra, Guam

18 Mar 1945

Saipan Harbor, Marianas Islands

22 Mar 1945

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

29 Mar 1945

Espiritu Santo Harbor, New Hebrides Islands

2 Apr 1945

Noumea, New Caledonia

4 Apr 1945

Pearl Harbor, Terr. of Hawaii

14 Apr 1945

San Francisco, Calif.

21 Apr 1945

Point Richmond, Calif.

22 Apr 1945

Oakland, Calif.

28 Apr 1945

San Francisco, Calif.

2 May 1945

Kossol Roads, Palau Islands

24 May 1945

Manila, Philippine Islands

27 May 1945

Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands

4 Jun 1945

Honolulu Harbor, Terr. of Hawaii

20 Jun 1945

San Francisco, Calif.

26 Jun 1945


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