Who was Harry Taylor?

Gen. Harry Taylor


This history is from Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships vol. III, 1968

General Harry Taylor 

Harry Taylor was born 26 June 1862 in Tilton, NH, and upon graduation from the Military Academy in 1884, Joined the Corps of Engineers. In the years that followed, Taylor served in the field on various projects, including East Coast defenses and the Columbia River project. By 1916 he was Assistant Chief of Engineers in charge of the River and Harbor Division. At the start of America's participation in World War I he sailed for France as Chief Engineer Officer, American Expeditionary Force. In this capacity he supervised the construction of railways, barracks, wharves, and shelters throughout France. Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal Taylor returned to Washington and was named Major General, Chief of Engineers, 19 June 1924. He retired in 1926 and died 27 January 1930 in Washington, D.C.  

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